Nevada Succeeds

Inside Rob Roy’s Innevation Center, powered by Switch

6795 S. Edmond Street, Third Floor

Las Vegas, NV 89118

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Nevada Succeeds is a nonprofit, nonpartisan consulting group dedicated to maximizing the human talent in our system and ensuring education professionals are free to operate at their highest level. 

Nevada spends 45% of our business tax dollars on the professionals in the buildings. We work with school districts, government officials and policy experts to identify and remove the systemic barriers keeping those professionals from success.

We know that without professional collaboration, educators cannot grow. When this collaboration is encouraged and supported, the adults in our schools are able to lead the charge on education strategies that truly move the needle for our state. 

Supported by business and driven by proven tactics, Nevada Succeeds thinks differently about how to fix our schools because we've done the research. We know that without true professionals in our schools no other work will create lasting improvement.

Who We Are