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Now accepting applications to join cohort 2. 


The InspirED Global Fellowship brings educators across Nevada together to study successful global innovations in learning and use design thinking to reimagine what’s possible across all layers of our education system.

By working with leaders at the state department of education, in local districts, and alongside our community - InspirED Global Fellows will challenge assumptions about what may be possible for the future of learning.

With a policy edge, this year’s focus is on the role of the educator in designing equitable and joyful learning.

Apply as a team or individual.

Bringing Nevada Voices Together for Deeper Learning & Impact.

We explore, research, brainstorm, and collaborate towards policy initiatives for an exceptional Nevada education system.

InspirED Global Fellows:

Study the most successful education systems and innovations around the world.

Use design thinking to test new ideas for breaking down Nevada’s most persistent barriers to quality and equity.

Shape proven education policy and practice that will work for Nevada.

Join forces with educators, legislators, district and state leaders, investors, and members of the business community for a transformational impact across all sectors.

Learn about Cohort 1

Nevada Succeeds + Design Team 1 incubated the development of a Nevada Portrait of a Graduate.

Design Team 1 (2019-20)


Design Team 1 was passionate about empowering every Nevada high school graduate with the skillsets + mindsets for lifelong success.

The inaugural Design Team partnered with Tom Vander Ark and Getting Smart to deep dive into Singapore’s highly successful change leadership strategy. By studying one of the highest performing education systems in the world, Fellows discovered the significance of a Profile of a Globally Competent Learner (or a Portrait of a Graduate). 

Graduate Profiles are designed to rethink the ingredients of a future-ready high school credential.

Example: Churchill County's Learner Profile.

Portrait of a Graduate

defines a set of characteristics that students statewide must possess for optimal preparedness after high school.

Individual Learner Profiles

are developed for each student, aligned to the Portrait and the student's unique talents and learning needs.

Learner Portfolios

track a student's work, results, and demonstrate their learning as they progress towards the goals outlined in their Learner Profiles, aligned to the Portrait.

Developing Nevada's

 Portrait of a Graduate

In collaboration with Nevada Succeeds, Design Team 1 Fellows, and community partners– a community-driven and research-informed process to develop a statewide Portrait of a Nevada Graduate is underway.

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