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Clark County School District Reorganization

Rationale: Educators can only be successful when there is a culture of professional collaboration that drives the entire system in which they work, and students can only achieve at their highest levels when taught by successful educators. The CCSD Reorganization provides a great opportunity to ensure this culture is ingrained in the school system from the ground up, but it is something that must be monitored and nurtured to ensure this happens fully and organically, which is why Nevada Succeeds chose to be involved.

Goal: To ensure that as CCSD is being reorganized into autonomous model schools and precincts, the leaders being tasked with its success are supported and equipped to bring about positive results.

Summary: There is currently a leadership problem in CCSD. A 

significant percentage of our teachers do not trust our school administrators; our school administrators do not trust their supervisors and so on. In order for the autonomous model to be effective, a healthy, collaborative, trusting culture must be established from the top down in our district.


Brent Husson, Nevada Succeeds' President, serves as Vice-Chair of the legislatively mandated Community Implementation Council overseeing the reorganization and tasked with monitoring training initiatives. He has been able to facilitate organizational training among the Superintendent and 16 School Associate Superintendents, which has already produced strong results in the way participants communicate, both among themselves and to those reporting to them, and how they view their positions as leaders.


Impact to Students: While the reorganization provides us with great opportunity by allowing principals to have more discretion regarding their budgets and school-level decisions, it also has the potential to create large problems if principals are not trained properly in how to make these decisions. Nevada Succeeds has been integral in the design of the principal training.


School Operational Teams are currently meeting to provide principals with input from teachers, parents, community members and students when making decisions. Nevada Succeeds has made a concerted effort to visit their meetings and provide guidance and feedback as necessary. We strive to ensure that a collaborative culture is achieved, which will allow for our school leaders to make the best possible decisions for their schools while keeping in mind the long-term impact of each choice.


Next Steps: The organizational training needs to be brought to administrators and principals at each school and implemented not just as a fix-it strategy but as a way of life. This is scheduled to happen over the next 6 months.