The InspirED Global Fellowship launched in July 2020, by NV Succeeds, in partnership with Las Vegas Sands. The purpose: to develop educators as action researchers through human-centered design thinking to move the needle from insight to impact around persistent Nevada education challenges. Our inaugural Design Team is inspired by the robust career development ladder in the Singapore system and its evolving focus on 21st century learner outcomes. 


With a focus on human talent development and deeper learning for students, Design Team 1 is using a human-centered design thinking framework with an “equity lasik” to get collectively curious about policies, practices, and structures that could support what research points to as the most significant impact on student learning: educators. 


Design Team 1 consists of curious, reflective practitioners that represent a variety of scopes of practice: elementary and secondary teachers; building leaders; project facilitators and central office leadership; the state department. Bound by the common desire to better understand a challenge from multiple perspectives, we begin by EMPATHIZING through reading research, unpacking data, and interviewing partners around our state and the world; we’re looking at the Singapore system for inspiration around clarity, coherence, and alignment. Through EXPERIENCE, our fellows will identify a need in their context they see an opportunity to meet  (supported by high performing systems research), and then they’ll share out their learning while collaborating to develop statewide policy recommendations to ENACT longer-term change.


We come together in the spirit of learning and collaboration. High performing systems research shows that educators as producers, not simply consumers of research, is a critical element of educators who empower the most successful student outcomes. We are engaging students, families, education professionals, our business community, and policy makers to build a container for these collaborative conversations to live beyond the life of any single design team. The work is learning; it’s inspiring and fun!


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Contact a fellow or a NV Succeeds Team Member.

Nicole Delgado

Assistant Principal,

Coronado High School

Llyod J. Goldberg

Student Success Advocate,

Jerome Mack Middle School

Cheryl Heldt

Elementary School Teacher, 

Futuro Academy

Roxanne James

Jeanna Sulse

Elementary School Teacher,

Elaine Wynn Elementary School

Camille Wesson

Elementary School Teacher,

Sunrise Acres Elementary School



High School Teacher,

Green Valley High School

Dr. Felicia


Project Facilitator, CCSD

Curriculum & Instruction Division 

Laura Jeanne


High School Teacher,

Southwest CTA

Jessica Sneek

High School Teacher,

Clark High School

Dallas Johnston

High School Teacher,

Mission High School

Michael Lang

Jaynie Malorni

Programs Professional,

Nevada Department of Education



Project Facilitator,

CCSD ELL Division

Elementary Technology Specialist,

Laura Dearing Elementary School

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6795 S. Edmond Street, Third Floor

Las Vegas, NV 89118

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