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6795 S. Edmond Street, Third Floor

Las Vegas, NV 89118

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Forty-five percent of your tax dollars go toward K-12 public education. Nevada Succeeds works to educate as many business owners and operators as possible about how those dollars are spent.

Our work removes the systemic barriers keeping our teachers, administrators and support professionals from driving the decisions that truly move the needle for our students.

This work can only be done with the support of people like you. People who:

Join Nevada Succeeds

  • Care that our education system prepares our students to succeed.

  • Understand the intersection between a robust, diverse economy and a strong public education system.

  • Believe that business has an economic and moral imperative to support our education professionals and students.

  • Demand that the money spent on our public education system achieves the best possible return on investment.

Get involved today by joining our Board of Directors or Board of Advisors. Email us or call (702) 763-2635 for more information.


  • The Board of Directors is the governing body of the organization.

  • Board members participate in Board meetings four times a year, as well as other ad-hoc committee meetings and events.

  • Board of Directors members should be corporate executives with authority to make decisions related to Nevada Succeeds positioning on issues on behalf of their company.

  • Board of Directors Members’ companies are offered branding and name recognition through Nevada Succeeds collateral, social media and member events.

  • Board of Directors Members' companies contribute at an annual level of $10,000, $15,000 or $25,000.


  • Board of Advisors members have the opportunity to participate in all events and programs hosted by Nevada Succeeds, but there is no requirement to do so.

  • Board of Advisors members represent their company as a part of Nevada Succeeds’ membership.

  • Board of Advisors members support our work with annual dues at the level of $2,500, $5,000 or $7,500.