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Dear Friends,

Nevada Succeeds is excited about the upcoming school year and the discussions around education that it will inevitably bring. This year, however, we would like to help advance the conversation. In the past few years our community has made great strides in elevating the education debate. While it has been difficult at times, these discussions have often lead to some very good changes that have had a real, positive impact on kids. However, we have also spent a lot of time and energy in conflict around the perennially controversial issues of; funding, teacher shortages, common core standards, charter schools, ESAs, student poverty, school boards, graduation rates etc. Clearly these issues are important, but can we use them to drive a consensus on making changes that make all schools better rather than allowing ourselves to be caught up in the usual political fight?

Nevada Succeeds believes that the community is ready to drive the education agenda. We are going to be engaging all sides in the debate over the next several months with the goal of coming to resolution before the 2019 legislative session. Will all issues be resolved? Not likely. Can we engage in a constructive debate that will ultimately lead to a unified agenda aimed at systemic changes likely to drive high quality instruction to all students? We believe so.

In the coming days we will begin this conversation. We will be presenting our point of view on the most common, and many lesser known, issues, and will be asking you for yours. We will be in the community getting opinions from all stakeholders, and presenting them for discussion on social media, on the airwaves and on the pages of every media platform that will engage.

But this is not just about having a discussion. Conversation is nice, but ultimately we must develop solutions. Throughout this process we will be driving towards real policy and practice changes grounded in research that supports long-term system changes to benefit all students.

We look forward to these conversations, and to our community coming to a consensus about the change we need to give our students the education they deserve.

And we look forward to hearing from you.

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