• Jeanine Collins, Executive Director

Today was the first day of school

Today was the first day of school in many places across Nevada.

It was a first day unlike any other. If we're honest, all days of learning are actually like this - unlike any other.

When we are truly present in the spirit of learning, we're shifting paradigms, challenging our assumptions, and coming to understand something (old or new) for the first time.

And so, today, learning continued.

Our InspirED Global Fellows have been leaning into what it means to craft clarity from ambiguity in this new virtual context. We all agree that this shift to an online environment offers ongoing opportunities to put learning, unlearning, and relearning at the center of our lives. It has also opened up room to consider what Simon Sinek has recently written a new book about: the interplay between finite and infinite thinking.

In Chapter One he begins:

"Finite games are played by known players. They have fixed rules. And there is an agreed-upon objective that, when reached, ends the game. Football, for example, is a finite game. The players all wear uniforms and are easily identifiable. There is a set of rules, and referees are there to enforce those rules. All the players have agreed to play by those rules and they accept penalties when they break the rules. Everyone agrees that whichever team has scored more points by the end of the set time period will be declared the winner, the game will end and everyone will go home. In finite games, there is always a beginning, a middle and an end.

Infinite games, in contrast, are played by known and unknown players. There are no exact or agreed-upon rules. Though there may be conventions or laws that govern how the players conduct themselves, within those broad boundaries, the players can operate however they want. And if they choose to break with convention, they can. The manner in which each player chooses to play is entirely up to them. And they can change how they play the game at any time, for any reason."

This moment has disrupted the finite nature of school and gives us the opportunity to focus on the infinite nature of learning.

One of our hopes and dreams at NV Succeeds is that our education system intentionally builds systems and structures that develop educators to thrive so students are better supported to do the same. Learning and teaching online is finite, but the mindsets, skills, and knowledge associated with learning and teaching is infinite.

May our infinite mission outweigh any challenges of the finite moment.

That's just one hope and dream we have for the school year and our educational system moving forward. What are some of your hopes and dreams?


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