Policy & Programs

As a nonprofit policy organization, Nevada Succeeds makes a concerted effort to spend our efforts on programs and outreach that have true, long-term impact for our students. Our work ensures that education professionals are supported and encouraged to use their expertise to guide our students on a path to success.

We have attend Legislative hearings and School Board meetings, conversed with local and national organizations and advocates from across the political spectrum, and maintain a core focus on improving student outcomes by maximizing the human talent in our system.

By partnering with school districts, professional unions, businesses, community and government leaders we are able to get the work done in a way that ensures a long-term impact for our educators and our students.

We are expanding our policy work into a programmatic framework with the launch of our InspirED Fellowship, embracing design thinking as a framework for creative problem-solving to create a more thorough grass roots- to-grass tops approach to positive change.

Inside Rob Roy’s Innevation Center, powered by Switch

6795 S. Edmond Street, Third Floor

Las Vegas, NV 89118


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