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Policy & Programs

Nevada Succeeds focuses our efforts on collaboration and initiatives that have meaningful, long-term impact for all learners. Our work ensures that education practioners are honored as the lever for change through statewide policy.

We have attended Legislative hearings and School Board meetings, conversed with local and national organizations and advocates from across the political spectrum, and maintain a core focus on improving and redefining successful learner outcomes by maximizing our system's human talent.

By partnering with school districts, professional unions, businesses, community, and government leaders we are able to co-create finite steps towards our infinite ideal: a successful education system that ensures all learners get what they need to thrive.

We are expanding our policy work into a programmatic framework with the launch of our InspirED Fellowship, embracing human-centered design thinking as a strategy for creative problem-solving to accelerate a grass roots-to-grass tops approach to sustainable educational change.

Inspired Global Fellowship




Local Teacher Pipeline Project

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