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Technical Education and Literacy in Schools (TEALS)

Rationale: Our education system is not currently preparing all of our students to find careers in the modern workforce. A focus on computer science training is a necessity to set-up our kids or success upon graduation, whether continuing their education or not. Nevada Succeeds chose to champion this program because it does exactly that by providing training for one of the most in-demand fields with long-term, well-payed career opportunities.


Goal: Nevada Succeeds has partnered with Microsoft Americas and TEALS in an effort to provide access to computer science education to as many students as possible to prepare them for jobs in the increasingly technology-driven economy.


Summary: Founded by Kevin Wang, a former software engineer in the Microsoft Office 365 group, and supported by Microsoft Philanthropies, TEALS works with high schools to create sustainable computer science programs by connecting classroom teachers and volunteers from the local technology industry. The program trains teachers along with students so the course can become an independent offering of the school without a need for long-term assistance from the outside community.


The TEALS program offers 4 different classes to partnering schools: Introduction to Computer Science, Advance Placement Computer Science A, Advanced Placement Computer Science Principals and Advanced Topics and Projects. The courses vary from introductory work to college-level survey courses and teach multiple programming languages, data management and problem solving.


Impact to Students: Although there is a tendency to focus on the importance of a traditional college education in relation to career success, there is an exponentially growing need for computer science trained professionals in industries across our country. According to TEALS research, in the U.S., there will be 1.4 million CS-related jobs by 2020; yet, college graduates are expected to fill less than a third of those jobs. This program strives to ensure that the educational opportunities students have match the career opportunities that will be available when they graduate.


Next Steps: Nevada Succeeds is currently worked with the Washoe and Clark County School Districts to offer this program in at least 3 high schools beginning in the 2018-19 school year.​ Ongoing studies will be conducted to measure impact.